Introduction to Marketing

Level: Elite and up

Course Summary / 課程簡介

Our course includes two main parts: understanding about our customers and the concept of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). We will explore the ideas behind the need, want, and motivation of our customers from psychology studies and daily life examples; the 4P tools of marketers; and the breakdown of IMC into five most basic tools used in marketing. Each tool will be presented with case studies from campaigns across the world, and followed by group discussions or applying activities.
Daisy老師會把這堂課將分成兩個部分: 了解客人還有整合營銷的概念。我們會利用心理學研究及日常生活中的例子去探討客戶的需求、想要、動機其背後的意義;行銷4P(Product, Price , Place, Promotion);把整合行銷中最常被使用到的工具分解成五個部分進行了解。每個部分都會以世界各地的案例分析來解釋以後再由小組討論或是應用活動讓學生徹底學習。

Preparation / 課程準備

No reading in-advance is necessary and all the class materials (the outline, concepts, case studies, etc.) will be provided to you. In this class, we will focus on critical thinking and small group discussions – we will give you the ideas and you will tell us what you think works and what doesn’t. Please come to class at least 15 minutes early to get to know your classmates well, as they will be your partners (and strategists) throughout the course.


Sample Material / 教材範例

Sample materials: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Advertising and Promotion –
An integrated Marketing Communications Perspective (George E. Belch & Michael
A. Belch, 2015)

About me / 關於教師 Daisy:

I’m a cross-cultured kid with a passion for traveling and sharing experience. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communication/ Journalism from UW Seattle, Washington. After graduation, I worked in the branding department of Burberry Beauty (Burberry Group), where I represented the brand and assisted in their marketing campaigns and new launches across the Asia Pacific region.
At the moment, I’m going to school full-time in Taipei and working to spread the love for languages and culture understanding. I don’t aim to just teach (your textbooks do a much better job than I do) but rather to guide and assist you in learning and exploring the beauty of the language on your own. In my free time I like to bike around the city (get tanned in the summer and get wet in any other seasons), eat good food and enjoy some meaningful conversations.

Daisy是跨文化長大的孩子,對於旅遊還有分享經驗充滿了熱情。Daisy的大學主修課程為傳播新聞學系,文憑來自華盛頓州,華盛頓大學西雅圖校區。畢業以後Daisy曾經在Burberry Beauty的品牌部門工作,幫忙策畫亞洲地區的品牌形象還有其他行銷活動。目前Daisy正在台北就學並同時散撥她對語言還有文化的熱情。Daisy說: 我並不打算教學生任何東西(教科書做得比我好多了),但我會領導學生們去自己了解語言美麗的地方。Daisy閒暇時喜歡騎腳踏車探索台北、享用美食、還有跟人一起創造有意義的話題。

Course Syllabus

  • ITM-Class 1: Self-introduction

    – Lesson: Understanding your customers
    – Activity: Apply the lesson to create a crave for your list of items/ services

  • ITM-Class 2

    – Lesson: Introducing marketing concepts, marketers’ 4P tools and analyzing Integrated Marketing Communication tools (Advertising, PR and Personal Selling)
    – Activity: Writing ads, discussing PR crisis case, creating sales tactics and brand messages

  • ITM-Class 3: Review

    • Lesson: Analyzing Integrated Marketing Communication tools (Sales Promotion, Packaging, Direct Marketing)
    • Activity: Creating sales promotions
    • Closing discussion